We Best In Interior

Moarie Interior Pvt. Ltd. is a premium furniture manufacturer that designs and builds custom furniture for individual clients, architects, interior designers, and commercial properties. We profoundly work with private residences, businesses, restaurants, F&B and luxury hotels. We are known for our unparalleled skill at exhibiting beauty through handling simple and complex designs with ease. No detail, material, or finish is beyond our range. We take pride in executing your ideas exactly as you envision them. We work hard to source the highest quality sustainable materials in the world, which only makes our finished products better through a deeply cared for and meticulously monitored supply chain management system. However, it’s the unique collaborative design partnerships we forge with our customers that truly make Bespoke the best in the business. Maybe it’s because we share the same simple goal: happy clients! The Moarie Ethos: The timeless luxury of custom design, reimagined for the modern lifestyle.

Why Moarie ?

We believe in the power of bespoke design to elevate any space. Imagine having the freedom to create furnishings for specific spaces and purposes, built to achieve your one-of-a-kind vision. Every piece we create is precision-built from scratch for a specific space, a unique individual, and a distinct brand. Instead of settling for an off-the-shelf product, you can deliver a lifestyle where each detail meets the client’s personal preference. The results are beautiful, glamorous, and deeply meaningful. At Moarie, we believe detailing to a unique design aligned with trustworthy customer service can never be compromised. We work closely with some of the industry’s finest interior designers and architects. Our production floor is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and a heavily trained workforce, which is what sets us apart from our industry colleagues. Our emphasis on skilled carpentry for the quality of our non-machinery finishing is what we are particularly known for. We provide high-quality, effective, and reliable turnkey solutions to the most complicated construction challenges. From stylish sofas to ultra-comfortable beds, from modern kitchens to bountiful cabinets, from outdoor seating and fashionable accessories, one can witness the best in class at Moarie.